Egyptian papyrus


Papyrus paper history

Ancient Egyptians monopolized Papyrus paper production for a very long time. Papyrus paper was one of the most important product exported by Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians invited papyrus papers as they need a new alternative medium for writing other than stones. The raw material of papyrus papers comes from a Cyperus papyrus plant . This planet grows in the banks of the Great Nile River
The discovery of pulped paper

For long time, papyrus papers was the only media used for writing, painting and drawing. The Egyptians were completely dominating this area by keeping the production method of papyrus paper a closely guarded secret. It was until the Arabians was introduced the pulped papers for the world. Some said they have learned it from Chinese.

The method of creating pulped papers was much easier than papyrus papers and far less expensive, although the quality of pulped paper can’t be compared to papyrus papers. The later is much more durable.

After the introduction of the easy method of creating pulped papers, Egyptians gradually abandon the creation of papyrus papers and also becomes less interested in cyperus papyrus plant . The result is that after several ages, the plant was completely disappeared and no longer exists in Egypt.

Rediscovery of papyrus papers

During 1960-1970, one of the Egyptian scientists, Dr Hassan Ragab becomes interested in papyrus papers. His dream was to reintroduce it to the Egyptian and the rest of the world. He worked hard to achieve its goals. First he travel to Sudan to get the seed of cyperus papyrus plant , as it was completely disappears from Egypt. He converts Jacob Island in Giza near Cairo to a complete replica of ancient Egyptian village. Then it takes from him about 3 years of hard work and research to discover the production method of papyrus paper as ancient Egyptians leave no comments about the manufacturing process due to its secretly. Dr Ragab registers the manufacturing process in December 1977.

Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus Papyrus is a plant that was grown in the banks of Nile River from ancient times. Ancient Egyptians give great attention to this plant as they discover it can be very useful for them. Cyperus Papyrus plant was quite versatile. Ancient Egyptians use it mainly for papyrus papers production, but they also use it for many various things. They use papyrus for mattresses on beds; build chairs and table, boats and ropes, boxes, sandals and utensils. Moreover the papyrus root was used as a source of food and medicine. They also burned it for fuel.