Papyrus Painting of God Khepri - (20X30 cm)

Papyrus Painting of God Khepri

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Papyrus Painting of Egyptian Scarab Beetle; the personification of God Khepri.

The Scarab Beetle: Ancient Symbol for Resurrection and Rebirth: This beautiful emblem of a scarab is the representation of the god Khepri, a sun god that was associated with resurrection. The beetle became associated with the sun after the Egyptians watched them in nature. The beetle would roll a ball of dung (shaped like the sun) across the desert that carried its babies. This is not only a scarab but also three separate Hieroglyphic signs that make up the name for a very famous King-Tutankhamun. This is actually his prenomen- Neb-Khepru-Re which means ‘ the Lordly manifestation of Re’. On the very top is the circle that stands for Re. In the middle is the scarab, which stands for Khepru, and on the bottom is a basket shape that stands for Neb. Egyptians were very clever people and all their artwork has meaning to it, if you can just look hard enough!.


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